Wave Springs Wave Compression springs

  • Wave Springs Wave Compression springs
  • Wave Springs Wave Compression springs
  • Wave Springs Wave Compression springs
  • Wave Springs Wave Compression springs
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Wave Springs Wave Compression springs
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  • 500Ton/Tons per Month

Wave springs, referred to as wave spring, is an elastic element with several peaks and valleys on a thin metal ring. It is usually used in occasions where the load and deformation are not large, and the spring stiffness is required to be small and axial preloading is required. Wave springs are particularly suitable for applications that require weight reduction and applications that are constrained by small installation space. Typical application areas include: aerospace, precision machinery, hydraulic seals, and high-end motors.

Product Description

Product Name

Wave Springs Wave Compression springs



Wire diameter orthickness



Electroplating,spraying, electrophoresis, anodizing,spraying. powdering, heat treatment, black oxide layer, anti-rust oil, etc.


High quality, competitive price, first-class automatic production equipment, safe packaging and timely delivery.


Precision equipment, electronics, toys, door locks, mechanical equipment, various vehicles


Plastic packaging inside.and then packed in cardboard or wooden boxes.or customize the Packaging according to your requirements.

Delivery time

15~25 days

small flat springs

(1) The stiffness range is large, the buffering and vibration absorption ability is strong, and the material deformation energy per unit volume is large.

(2) It has the characteristics of changing stiffness. The stiffness can be adjusted by changing different combinations of peak height, width and thickness. The stiffness can also be adjusted by the number of combined pieces.

(3) Compared with the disc spring, it has the advantages of high strength, good flexibility and strong impact resistance.

(4) The structure and size are compact, and under the same theoretical parameters, the required installation space is small

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